Do You Have Land you are looking to sell?

Building Inspiring Spaces

Our approach to acquiring land is fundamental to our growth and ability to develop communities. As an independent and privately-funded company, we can move quickly to get the right deal done.

We are always looking for new opportunities to create residential-led schemes, whether through outright purchase or joint-venture.

At SG Rayner Homes we build our reputation on constructing high-end bespoke homes, each individually tailored to our clients’ requirements, while remaining sympathetic to the new properties surroundings.

We are interested in acquiring land and buildings of almost any scale, with or without planning permission. If you have a site, you think we should consider, please contact Taryn Rayner on 01600 861894, or email

Part Exchange Your Home

When you buy a new home using our Part Exchange scheme, we’ll offer to buy your existing property from you, at a price we agree with you based on two independent valuations.

You avoid all the stress of trying to sell your house on the market, managing and paying for estate agents, and worrying about house buying chains. It’s straightforward, to make your home move as comfortable as possible.

SG Rayner Homes Part Exchange

The main benefits of Part Exchange:

  • If your home qualifies for Part Exchange, there’s no waiting for months with your house on the market, worrying about whether you will be able to sell. We agree on the offer price up front, organise the survey and aim to complete the transaction as soon as possible, so you can get on with planning your move.
  • We offer a fair and realistic price for your property. We’ll instruct a minimum of two independent estate agents to value the anticipated selling price of your property.
  • You won’t pay estate agent fees. Moving home is costly enough, without having to worry about estate agents fees as well.
  • You don’t have to worry about house buying chains. With Part Exchange, you won’t need to worry about other people pulling out of their purchase or delaying their move.
  • You have a buyer for your home so you can move when your new home is ready!


Get in contact with us at SG Rayner Homes on 01600 861894 to see how easy it could be to Part Exchange with us.

Finding a Mortgage with

Blestium Financial Services

Mortgages are loans which are intended to help buyers purchase a residential or commercial property. When an individual takes out a loan, the lender charges interest: the same is true of a mortgage.

A mortgage is a ‘secured’ loan, which means that the loan is secured against the value of the property being purchased until the mortgage is paid off. Sources of residential mortgages include high street banks, building societies and other types of less well known financial institutions.

Basic conditions

Mortgage providers follow a set of rules and procedures when deciding whether or not they will agree to provide a mortgage to purchase a residential property. Although different lenders apply different lending criteria, the amount a potential buyer can expect to borrow of a property’s purchase price is determined solely by the mortgage provider’s requirements.

Here are some of the factors lenders take into account when making their decision:


The mortgage provider will want to be certain that the borrower can afford to service the loan — i.e. to make the monthly repayments as and when they fall due. To help them make that decision, the lender will want to see the borrower’s personal financial incomings and outgoings. Any rent the borrower may be paying will be discounted, but the lender will factor in the potential cost of the monthly mortgage repayment.


The amount the borrower can contribute towards the cost of buying a property — the ‘deposit’ — is a major consideration. Because most mortgage loans are secured on the value of the property, mortgage providers prefer borrowers who can provide large deposits: the smaller the loan, the lower the lenders’ risk. And the larger the deposit, the lower the borrower’s monthly repayments will be, which reduces his or her outgoings and improves the affordability criteria from the lender’s point of view. In the current financial climate, most lenders expect borrowers to deposit at least 5% of the property’s purchase price.


Mortgage providers lend against the value of the property, not the agreed purchase price. To avoid lending more than is absolutely necessary (and therefore increasing their financial risk) most mortgage providers will insist on having the property in question valued by a qualified surveyor.

Property type

Some lenders will not consider mortgaging certain types of properties. Leasehold properties, properties below a certain price, a property being purchased through an assisted purchase scheme or under a Right to Buy scheme, or where a property is being purchased ‘off plan’, may not be acceptable to the mortgage provider.


Mortgage providers generally have a maximum number of years over which they lend and will set a date when the mortgage must be repaid in full.

At SG Rayner Homes we don’t offer mortgage advice, however, we do recommend Blestium Financial Services who have been providing expert mortgage advice for the past 20 years.

Trusted Partners

We make it our business to work with some of the ‘best in their business’ which is why we are proud to link to our ‘Trusted Partners’ websites to show you what they can do, endorsed and recommended by SG Rayner Homes.

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